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Transmission Repair Warning Signs for Haltom City Drivers

Detecting transmission problems early can be a lifesaver (and wallet saver) for Haltom City drivers. That’s why it’s important for every driver to know the warning signs of transmission damage and wear. To help Haltom City drivers spot these issues, the team at Multistate Transmission® Haltom City has compiled the following list of common transmission repair warning signs. 7 Signs for Transmission Repair or Service If Haltom City drivers spot any of the following signs, they should bring their vehicles to a transmission repair as soon as possible: Fluid Leaks. Transmission fluid cools and lubricates your transmission. When your car is leaking fluid, it means more friction and heat on your transmission’s components, a recipe for major damage. Luckily, if you detect a fluid leak early, it may only requires a minor repair and fluid change. Burning Odor. Overheated transmission fluid will produce a burning smell, signaling that ... read more

Transmission Rebuilds in Haltom City

No driver ever wants to find out that their transmission requires replacing. But when your transmission is severely worn or damaged, a costly replacement is often recommended. If your transmission needs replacing, it might be more cost-effective to have it rebuilt. At Multistate Transmission® Haltom City, our transmission rebuild services give Haltom City drivers a less costly option for high-quality repair when dealing with a damaged or worn out transmission. What Is a Transmission Rebuild? Haltom City drivers sometimes ask our technicians what makes a transmission rebuild different from a transmission replacement or an in-car transmission repair. Below, we’ve outlined the distinctions between these three services and the pros/cons of each. Transmission Rebuild. A transmission rebuild will be more costly than an in-car repair, but it’s almost always less expensive than a wholesale transmission replacement. Transmission rebuilds at Multistate Transm ... read more

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