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Haltom City Drivers Ask: What Issues Can Diagnostic Services Identify?

For drivers, there are few more unwelcome sights than the Check Engine light. While it can be tempting to ignore a Check Engine light warning, you shouldn’t. With the range of issues that can lead to a Check Engine light warning, it’s important to find out what the problem actually is. The easiest way to do this? Bring your vehicle to Multistate Transmission® Haltom City for diagnostic services.

Our technicians proudly offer Haltom City, TX, drivers the professional diagnostic services they need whenever they experience a Check Engine Light warning. We will be happy to pinpoint the exact reason why your Check Engine light turned on and recommend a repair for your vehicle. Thanks to computer-assisted diagnostics, our technicians will be able to quickly determine the issue affecting your vehicle.

Common Issues Found Through Diagnostic Services

Unsure what kind of problems you could be facing with a Check Engine light warning? It should come as no surprise that some issues occur more often than others. Here are some of the problem areas that diagnostic services at Multistate Transmission Haltom City most commonly identify:

  • Catalytic Converter. Your catalytic converter prevents your vehicle from spitting out toxic emissions. In almost all cases, catalytic converter damage happens because of damage to other parts, so this usually means multiple repairs.
  • Evaporative Emissions Controls. Problems with your evaporative emissions control system are usually caused by the valve or solenoid. When these parts aren’t working, gas begins to evaporate out of your gas tank before it gets used.
  • Fuel Cap. A loose, broken, or missing fuel cap is one of the most common reasons for a Check Engine light warning. It’s also one of the easiest — and cheapest — to fix.
  • Ignition Coils. Age or overheating often creates issues with your car’s ignition coils. When they fail, they can lead to costly damage in your catalytic converter.
  • Mass Airflow Intake. A malfunctioning mass airflow intake will create an imbalance in your engine between air and fuel. This typically means a significant dip in your vehicle’s fuel economy.
  • Oxygen Sensor. One of the most common causes of a Check Engine light warning is a problem with your engine’s oxygen sensor, which balances your engine’s ratio of oxygen and fuel. If left unfixed, it can severely impact fuel economy.
  • Spark Plugs. Faulty spark plugs and/or spark plug wires are easy enough to replace, but can spell trouble if they’re left alone. Like ignition coils, spark plugs are a common cause of catalytic converter damage.
  • Thermostat. Without a functioning thermostat, your engine can quickly overheat. This can cause serious damage to multiple components, so it’s important to fix the problem ASAP.

One other problem that diagnostic services from Multistate Transmission Haltom City can fix? A leaky wallet. By finding damaged and malfunctioning parts quickly, we make it easy to fix your car before it suffers even costlier damage.

Call us today to schedule a diagnostic services check with Multistate Transmission Haltom City.


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