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Transmission Maintenance and Repair – Issues to Consider for Haltom City Drivers

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What’s the single most complex system on your vehicle? You guessed it – your transmission! Whether you have a standard or automatic transmission, whether you drive a ’68 muscle rod, a heavy-duty pick-up, or a new SUV, you and every other driver on the road in Haltom City have one thing in common: You need quality transmission care to keep your vehicle on the road. That means quality transmission maintenance and repairs…preferably on budget, and on your schedule.

Because of your transmission’s complexity, any repair work must be done with precision. That means the transmission professional you choose needs to have extensive training and experience. Drivers throughout the Haltom City area trust the transmission repair technicians at Multistate Transmission® Haltom City.

What You Need to Know About Transmission Repairs

Some transmission repairs are easy, some not so much. Beyond checking your transmission fluid, pretty much all maintenance and repairs on today’s transmissions are relatively complex operations that should be done by a qualified professional.

Regular maintenance will ensure your transmission’s service life is long and relatively pain free. It will also ensure that small problems don’t turn into larger, and more expensive, ones. Regular maintenance includes checking the fluid levels regularly, and changing out the fluid and filter as needed. Check your car’s manual or talk to the technicians at our Haltom City center for a recommendation on when to have the transmission of your vehicle flushed.

Unfortunately, even regular maintenance can’t prevent every transmission problem. Sometimes, transmission repairs are necessary. Transmissions have both “hard parts” and “soft parts,” and the soft parts are designed to eventually wear out. They include things like the clutches, seals, and bands. Also, these “soft parts” are designed to wear out relatively consistently with each other, so that when one goes, the others tend to be nearing the end of their useful lives as well.

When your transmission begins to need more than just regular maintenance, it may be time to talk with a transmission specialist. The specialists at our Haltom City center will be able to diagnose any transmission trouble, give you a clear understanding of what repairs need to be done and why, and give you a reliable estimate for the work needed.

For professional transmission repair and maintenance services, look to Multistate Transmission Haltom City, Call our center to schedule your free transmission inspection and analysis.

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