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Transmission Maintenance Tips for Drivers in Haltom City, TX

If you want to avoid a costly transmission repair, your transmission needs routine maintenance. Often, costly repairs happen because drivers aren’t taking proper care of their transmission. If you have questions about transmission maintenance, the following tips from Multistate Transmission® Haltom City can help. As a trusted source for transmission maintenance in Haltom City, TX, we’re happy to extend our expertise to local drivers.

Monthly Transmission Inspections

Transmission damage is costly to fix, so it’s important that your transmission receives regular check-ups. This way, you can detect low fluid levels, fluid contamination, or light wear early, before things get worse and your transmission develops critical damage. At Multistate Transmission Haltom City, we recommend monthly transmission maintenance inspections, which we provide at no charge.

Routine Transmission Maintenance

Your driver’s manual will probably say that your transmission fluid and filter need changing anywhere between every 30,000 to every 60,000 miles. These numbers are often inaccurate, since transmission fluid degrades faster or slower depending on driving conditions. The transmission maintenance specialists at Multistate Transmission Haltom City will be happy to help you figure out how often these changes are needed for your vehicle.

Maintenance Options in Haltom City

Some drivers prefer to perform some aspects of transmission maintenance — like fluid checks and top-ups — on their own. We suggest that drivers only take this route if they have experience with transmissions. Otherwise, we recommend taking advantage of professional transmission maintenance services like those offered by Multistate Transmission Haltom City.

Transmission Maintenance FAQs

  • Q: How do I check transmission fluid? A: Checking transmission fluid is similar to checking oil. Your car’s manual will have detailed instructions on how to check fluid levels.
  • Q: How do I top up transmission fluid? A: Your vehicle’s manual will also indicate where to add fluid if fluid levels are low. Be careful not to overfill fluid if doing this yourself.
  • Q: How do I change transmission fluid? A: Unless you have the necessary training, experience, and equipment, we advise having a professional change your transmission fluid and filter.
  • Q: Why is transmission fluid pink? A: Fluid is dyed pink so that it’s easy to recognize, but still light enough to spot contamination in the fluid.
  • Q: What if I skip transmission maintenance? A: Without regular maintenance, low fluid levels or fluid contamination will make your transmission increasingly vulnerable to severe damage.

Need transmission maintenance services in Haltom City? Call today to schedule a fluid/filter change or book a FREE transmission inspection.

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