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Transmission Rebuild: The Role Part Wear and Tear Plays

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At Multistate Transmission® Haltom City, one of the most frequent questions our transmission specialists get is, “How do I know whether I need a complete transmission rebuild or if the transmission can just be repaired?” The answer often lies in the condition, location, and cost of the parts that need repair or replacement.

A transmission is made up of both hard and soft parts. Hard parts include the gears, crankshaft, bearings, pistons, and other components. Soft parts include gaskets, seals, bands, brushings, and other components. Which parts are weak or failing will influence the time, cost, and complexity of your transmission rebuild.

While any number of things can go wrong with a transmission, it’s not usually the hard parts that fail. More often the soft parts will show wear or failure first. And, soft parts tend to go bad at about the same rate – so when one fails, the others tend to be on the brink as well. The number of parts and the location of those parts can influence whether or not a transmission rebuild or repair is necessary.

Soft parts are less expensive to replace and replacing all of them in a full transmission rebuild is often best. Partial part replacement can sometimes lead to additional repairs in the future. If the hard parts in your transmission are working correctly, they can often be re-used after a thorough cleaning and inspection. However, if the hard parts in a transmission fail, replacing them can be complicated and expensive.Your transmission specialist should walk you through the types of parts that need replacing.

Scheduling a Transmission Rebuild in Haltom City

Transmissions are complex and most vehicle owners don’t have the skills or expertise to correctly diagnose transmission problems. If you are concerned that your vehicle might be in need of a transmission rebuild or replacement, we encourage you to call our center in Haltom City.

We are a trusted transmission rebuild and repair center. At Multistate Transmission Haltom City, all of our technicians are trained and experienced. We’ll diagnose any problems and provide an estimate on all repairs. We also back our work with a 12 month/12,000 mile warranty that is good at any Multistate Transmission center nationwide.

Call Multistate Transmission Haltom City today to schedule a free performance check and to determine if your transmission needs a rebuild or replacement.

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