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Why a Transmission Rebuild Often Makes Sense for Fort Worth Drivers

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At Multistate Transmission® Fort Worth, our specialized technicians are masters of the transmission rebuild. But what exactly is a transmission rebuild? And, why would you choose a rebuild rather than just repairing any damaged parts, or installing a new transmission?

What is a Transmission Rebuild?

Most transmission problems aren’t caused by failure of the hard parts in a transmission like the gears, drums, valve bodies, and external cases. Most transmission issues are caused by failure of the soft parts – things like the bands, seals, gaskets, bushings, O-rings, filters, and clutches.

A transmission rebuild is done with a rebuild kit. Kits vary depending on the level of rebuild, but a full master rebuild kit will include hundreds of soft parts. In a transmission rebuild, the technician removes the transmission from the chassis, and then tears it down to get at the interior parts.

The process of tearing down and rebuilding a transmission requires a professional with a high level of transmission-related experience and knowledge. There is a great deal of complexity in the modern transmission – it is, in fact, the most complex piece of equipment on today’s cars and trucks. A transmission tear-down and rebuild require a great deal of knowledge, training, and experience to do correctly. When done correctly, the result is a like-new transmission that should last as long as a brand-new transmission would.

Why Do a Transmission Rebuild at All? Why Not Just Replace It?

Since the hard parts are the expensive parts, and normally still functional after a thorough cleaning and inspection, the real cost of a rebuild is in the labor. Even an experienced, trained professional who specializes in transmission rebuilds will need up to four days to complete a rebuild, start to finish.

Still, most transmissions can be rebuilt for substantially less money than a new transmission would cost. When a rebuild is done by pros, like our technicians at Multistate Transmission Fort Worth, it’s just as good as a new transmission. For your peace of mind, we’ll give you a full 12-month, 12,000 mile warranty on our transmission work.

If your transmission seems to be failing, call the transmission rebuild experts at Multistate Transmission Fort Worth to schedule a FREE Performance Check. Call today.


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